Live Oak DIRECT is the perfect solution for any healthcare professional looking to increase security and improve the quality of care they provide. Whether for a doctor, nurse, lab or administrator, DIRECT Messaging facilitates quick, reliable, verified data exchange.

DIRECT Messaging integrates with any EHR, but it does not require providers to use an EHR or to purchase special software. Use of DIRECT to send electronic data can help qualify participating providers for "meaningful use" incentives.

DIRECT Messaging can be used at every stage of care to expedite recovery and decrease costs.


When a health care provider sees a referred patient for the first time, DIRECT Messaging can be used to quickly receive all relevant documents without processing long, costly FAXs.


Second opinions and specialist consultations can be preformed instantly and from anywhere. Send patient information and telemedical video or photographs to any doctor with a DIRECT account.

Lab Results

Reduce waiting periods for lab results by integrating DIRECT Messaging. As soon as reports are ready they can be sent securely and instantly to the waiting physician.

Continuing Care

When a patient is discharged, travels with health needs or moves permanently, DIRECT Messaging can be used to move their vital health information to their new point of care instantly.

Live Oak DIRECT Messaging is a robust, standards-based system for regulation-compliant digital data transmission. Using identity verification, exchange of trust, and strong, government-grade encryption,email messages and attachments can be quickly, securely and reliably sent between DIRECT networks with no risk of data theft or alteration.

Partnered DIRECT systems share trust to facilitate secure transmission even over large geographic divides, allowing providers and patients on different DIRECT networks to communicate securely and seamlessly. DIRECT Secure Messaging can be used independently or to compliment an existing EHR.

Messages are sent as normal email, so no special software is needed.Registration can be done individually or for your entire team. During the registration process, each participant must agree to the DIRECT Secure Messaging Subscription Agreement, the Participation Terms and Conditions, and the DIRECT Security Best Practices.

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DIRECT Secure Messaging is a secure email service that leverages standards created by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health IT. These provide specifications for a simple, secure, scalable,standards-based transportation mechanism that enables participants to push (send) encrypted health information directly to known, trusted recipients over the Internet, without being limited to a single internal network. The Live Oak DIRECT service includes an audit log that tracks the sender, receiver, date and time of email transactions.

DIRECT Secure Messaging allows providers and other approved healthcare users to securely send and receive email messages and attachments containing a patient's clinical data. DIRECT Messaging is accessible via a web browser on a computer or mobile device, allowing you to securely access from anywhere. Every message is encrypted before leaving the Live Oak DIRECT system, ensuring it cannot be read until it is received by the intended, trusted recipient. Messages are transmitted and delivered quickly, without lengthy processing time, expediting exchange of secure records and the transfer of patient information.

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