Secure Medical Email Made Easy

Medically compliant email from Live Oak DIRECT.

SSL connection security and data encryption keeps all your data safe. Transparent, automatic encryption enures no message is unprotected.

Achieve Meaningful Use and meet security regulations with our hardened email network, designed specifically for medical professionals.

Communicate With Direct Partners

Join the growing nationwide network of DIRECT Systems. Safely exchange mail with any DIRECT Partner system, even if they're across the state or across the country.

The DIRECT Protocol employs strong encryption to keep your messages safe even as they travel over the Internet.

Exchange Messages With Colleagues & Labs

Improve workflow an quality of care by using DIRECT Messaging for referrals, patient information transfer and lab requests and results.

Messages are transmitted quickly and securely, easily replacing costly and unreliable FAX and courier systems.

Access from any device, anywhere.

A secure Webmail Portal gives you instant access from any Internet connected device, even a phone or tablet. Never miss a message.

Always stay up-to-date by receiving pushed message updates to your favorite mail client. Read and send mail using Outlook, Mac Mail or your phone's mail app, all with total security.

DIRECT Encryption
The DIRECT Protocol leverages strong, enforced encryption to protect any information traversing the open Internet.

Our security features:

  • No matter where you access from, your data is safe with government-grade security
  • Trusted certificates protect all your mail & attachments without any extra software
  • Read and send mail & attachments from any browser or any mail client, even on your phone or tablet computer
  • Send securely to any trusted DIRECT partner

HIPAA Compliant Email
Our email system is HIPAA compliant, employing connection security and data encryption to keep all your data safe.

Absolute Security

Live Oak DIRECT leverages standards developed by NHIN to facilitate seamless point-to-point encryption. Messages containing health information or carrying health-related attachments are encrypted before leaving our system, ensuring only the intended, trusted recipient can read sensitive data.

Meet meaningful use and improve quality of care by easily integrating DIRECT Messaging. Live Oak DIRECT provides a standard email interface, so no special training is required. Encryption transparency makes security worry-free and impossible to forget. Never worry if a message will be secured.